How to Delete Pleading Numbers and Bars in Word

Posted May 31, 2021

Want to learn how to remove line numbering and vertical lines from a pleading document in Word?

Removing pleading numbers

Let’s look at an example.

remove numbers and bars pleadings

The vertical lines and numbering live within the Header of the Word document.

To remove these, click on the Insert tab and select Header.

removing pleading lines word

Select Edit Header on the drop-down list.

remove all pleading line numbers in word

You should now have your insertion bar in a Header at the top of your document.

Extra note: When inside your Header, you will notice that the content of the document is greyed out but you can see the numbers clearly.

remove all pleading line numbers and lines in word

Click in the number area.

remove pleading line numbers in word template

There should now be a dotted box around your numbers.

remove line numbers and vertical lines from legal document

This is because the numbers are in a Text box which is anchored inside the Header area. 

You can edit inside this box and delete the numbers but the box will remain.

Instead, try this... 

Take your mouse pointer over the edge of the box until you get a mouse pointer that looks like a compass. 

28 line pleading template word

Click once.

You should now have a solid line around the Text box.

numbered pleading paper

Press your Delete key and the Text box should now be gone.

how to edit pleading paper

Removing pleading lines

You can repeat the steps above to remove the vertical lines.

Move your mouse over the line you want to remove until you have the compass mouse pointer.

delete pleading numbers and bars

Click once on the line or lines.

remove pleading line numbers in word

Press Delete.

The lines should now be gone.

removing pleading numbers word

Note: if the document has multiple Sections, you may need to repeat this process for every Section.

Delete Footer in a pleading document

You can also delete the Footer if you don’t want it on every page. To do this, on the Header & Footer tab, select Go to Footer.

pleadings line numbers delete

This will open the Footer ready for you to edit. Now select the information you want to delete and then press Delete. If the document has multiple Sections, you may need to repeat this process for every Section.

remove all pleading line numbers and lines in word document

Exit the Header & Footer view

In the Header & Footer tab, select Close Header & Footer.

delete line numbers vertical lines pleading

Your document should now have no pleading lines and numbers.

how to get rid of pleading numbers word

Extra note: If you still have lines, it could be because your document has multiple sections. Make your way to where these are in your document, and repeat the steps above.

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