How to Repeat Column A on every Page in Excel

Posted: May 2, 2021

Need to learn how to set column A to print on every page in Excel?

This feature is called Print Titles and it’s life changing. It saves you huge amounts of hassle and time wasting.

In this blog we will cover how to set up Print Titles and how to remove them because sometimes you can come across a file where someone else has set the Print Titles already and you may need to modify these settings or maybe remove the settings altogether.

Let’s look at an example in Print Preview

Useful tip: To save time add the Print Preview button to your Quick Access toolbar (QAT) to by-pass File, Print and go straight to Print Preview. To add the button just click the drop-down arrow at the end of the QAT and then select Print Preview and Print.

print column a on every page excel

In Print Preview, you can see that this report has a purchase order number (PO No.) column showing in column A.

repeat column headings on every page in excel

Now, when you go through to the second page you can see that you can no longer see that purchase order number.

repeat column headings on every page in excel

This can be such a pain because you are unable to see what the amounts in the columns actually refer to.

How to Print column A on every page

What you can do when this happens is make your way over to the Page Layout tab and click Print Titles. This will open up the Page Setup dialog box.

print heading on every page in excel

Come down underneath Print titles and click into Columns to repeat at left box.

Once you've clicked in there and you will see your insertion bar flashing.

Move your mouse pointer onto the actual worksheet and you'll see that your arrow becomes a little black arrow when you place it over the ‘A’ at the top of column A.

print first column on every page excel 2013

Click once and you will select all of column A.

The column reference will now be added into the Columns to repeat at left box.

how to print first column on every page excel

Click OK.

Make your way back to Print Preview and then through to page 2.

Now column A will be repeated at the beginning every new page.

how to print excel sheet with first column on every page

This saves you so many hassles, and avoids having to cross-reference through your printed pages.

How to stop column A repeating on every page

Sometimes you can receive a workbook or a file that has these turned on and you want to turn them off.

So, make your way back to Page Layout and then click Print Titles.

Delete the reference out of the Columns to repeat at left text box and then click OK.

Useful tip: You can go straight to Print Preview from the Page Setup dialogue box by clicking the Print Preview button on the bottom right.

excel how to make first column print on every page

In Print Preview go through to page 2 and the repeated column should no longer be displayed.

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