Microsoft® Word Stage 2 Intermediate course

The NEXT step in becoming a proficient user of Microsoft Word

Duration: 3.5hours

Word Intermediate - Stage 2

About this course

Learn how to simplify creating, formatting and cross-referencing documents, no matter the complexity of the document. After attending one of our sessions, you will be able to confidently utilise the power of Word to create professional, polished documents.

Is this course suitable for you or your team?

This course will suit anybody who wants to learn how to quickly create documents that are professional in look and functionality. This course is for you if:

  • You would like to confidently work with elements found in large, complex documents
  • You need to prepare and share documents with other people
  • You want to include cross-references within your document so that they are automatically updated when modifications are made
  • You want your documents to look and function professionally

Learning outcomes

This hands-on course takes you through creating a professionally styled business document which includes a Cover Page, Table of Contents, Headers, Footers and Page Numbering, Tables, Sub-para numbering, and Cross-referencing.

Course pre-requisites

This course is designed for people who already have the essential skills needed to create, format, edit, save, and print Word documents.

What you will learn...

Multilevel Paragraph Numbering

In this module you will learn how to apply and control paragraph and sub-paragraph numbering using a multilevel list.


Outline documents using sub-paragraph numbering (defaults)

Customise your own numbering outline

Control paragraph tab and indent settings

Restart, pause, change, and continue numbering


Styles provide a quick and easy way to format a document in a structured manner. They are extremely useful when a document requires a standard “look” and are excellent when wanting to automatically generate a Table of Contents.


Using the Quick Style gallery and Word’s default Styles

Create a new Style

Modify and delete Styles

Replace Styles

Navigation tips using Styles

Share Styles between documents

Customising Tables

In this module we look at creating your own custom Table layouts. Tables can be straightforward or extremely complex. Learn the most effective methods for creating and modifying Tables to make working with them easy and fun.


Draw Tables

Adjust cell indents, spacing and alignment

Merge and split cells

Control where a Table splits

Repeat Table headings

Set Table Properties – Table alignment, wrap text, automatic resize

Section Breaks

As a document is created it is often necessary to change the document formats, for example changing a page from portrait to landscape. This is when a section break is required. Learn how to insert and work with sections to maintain the formats of the document.


Learn why section breaks are needed and how to insert and edit them

Apply formatting to individual document sections

Print a page range in a sectioned document

Headers, Footers and Page Numbering

Headers and Footers can be text or graphics printed at the top or bottom of each page in a document. In this module you will learn how to work with Headers and Footers and Page numbering.


Create a Header and Footer

Use Section Breaks with Headers and Footers

Insert, modify, and remove automatic Page Numbering

Use Section Breaks to control Page Numbering


When you create a large document, you usually want the document to be structured in such a manner so that subsequent modifications are a painless exercise. To do this, you can make use of the features Word provides to assist. Inserting a Table of Contents and cross-reference codes are features by which you can achieve these goals.


Generate a Table of Contents

Customise a Table of Contents

Update TOC references

Insert an update Cross-references

What you will get...

A copy of our super popular step-by-step workbook along with file downloads for every exercise we cover together. Perfect to follow along with during the training, and to refer to after the training. 

Capped class size to ensure you have the hands-on time required and your questions answered.

Need proof of your Continuing Professional Development (CPD)? On completion of the workshop, by request, we will send you a “Certificate of Attendance” confirming your participation and the duration of the training session.

For onsite workshops only

Please note: we are currently running onsite workshops in the Christchurch region only.

The exercise files used during the onsite session will be emailed to our onsite contact prior to the session. Each participant receives a printed copy of the workbook for this course.

If required we can bring along training laptops, for a small rental fee. We have 5 to share. Please let us know how many you will require when you make your booking. All are thoroughly sanitised before and after use.

$ Prices for Onsite Workshops

For online sessions only

We use the latest version of Zoom or Microsoft Teams to deliver this course live online. If you would like to follow along with your trainer please ensure you have the desktop version of Microsoft Word available. Having a webcam and headphones available ensures you can enjoy interacting with your trainer and fellow participants. Please ensure your browser software is up to date too. For the best experience we would recommend using Microsoft Chromium Edge or Google Chrome as your browser.

Details on how to connect to the session, along with your workbook and exercise files will be emailed to you prior to your session. Having a printed copy of the workbook handy during your learning will be extremely beneficial to your learning.

$ Prices for Online Live Workshops

Any questions, please contact us at

Word Intermediate Level 2
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  • Online

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Available in Christchurch only

This training is for the Windows version of Word and may not be suitable for Mac users

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“Many thanks!"
Many thanks for the time and effort you put into teaching us! Your easy-going attitude and simple straight forward examples make it much more fun to learn.

Sue Dikvert

Legal Secretary

"Thanks again for the training"

I feel so much more at ease now with the application and I'm ready to start playing around with the tools more!

Robyn Garry

Personal Assistant