How to insert multiple rows in Excel (inc. Excel insert row shortcut)


Let's look at how you can quickly insert multiple rows into Excel.

In this Blog, we will cover some really quick and easy ways to insert multiple rows, including some fantastic shortcuts.

How to insert a row in Excel

To do this just move your mouse pointer over the row number, until you see a little black arrow. 

how to add in multiple rows in excel

Do a right click and select Insert and this will insert a new row into your worksheet.

how can you insert multiple rows in excel

Useful tip: Function key 4 (F4) is a repeat key and if you press that Excel will repeat the last thing you did, which in this case is inserting a row. You can press this multiple times until you have the number of rows you desire in your worksheet.

How to insert multiple blank rows in Excel

Let's say you wanted multiple new rows. For example a new row 4, 5 and 6.

how to insert multiple new rows in excel

Highlight over each of those rows.

Do a right mouse click over the row numbers, and then select Insert from the shortcut menu. 

how to insert multiple rows in microsoft excel

This will insert the number of rows you require.

This works if the rows are adjacent, but what if they’re not adjacent?

How to insert rows between data in Excel

For example, you want a new row underneath Daltons and a new row underneath Stevens.

insert more than one row in excel

Click to select the row underneath Daltons (row 5) and then hold your Ctrl key and click to select the row underneath Stevens (row 8).

how to add multiple rows in excel

Place your mouse over one of the selected row numbers and then do a right click and select Insert.

how to insert multiple rows in excel at one time

There should now be a new row under both Daltons and Stevens.

Excel insert row shortcut keys

Here’s a shortcut that is easy to use.

If you are in your data and you want to really quickly insert a row, press Alt + I + R and this will insert a row where you have selected a cell.

Now, you can use your F4 key to repeat that and insert the number of rows you want.

This also works for inserting multiple rows. If you highlight over the number of rows you want to insert, then press Alt + I + R, they should insert straight away.

Extra tip: If you’re wondering what the I and R stand for, I is for insert and R is for row. So, if you were to press Alt + I + C it would insert a column, as C stands for column.

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