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Clip, save, tag, link, and share your ideas, notes, agendas - pretty much anything - while staying organised!

Introducing our


course...the FIRST-STEP in becoming a proficient user of Microsoft OneNote!

Are you sick of trying to locate scribbled notes, emails and images that all relate to a project? What about useful web pages in your browser History?  

Microsoft OneNote can help you organise everything into one place AND then share it with others.

And with OneNote's powerful search capabilities, save yourself a HEAP of time locating your notes!

Give your team a solid introductory understanding of Microsoft OneNote, so that they can work collaboratively on files, share information and converse in real-time?

Learn how businesses are using OneNote to manage meeting agendas and minutes, and how OneNote templates can change the way you work.

If you want to start working smarter, this short-course is perfect for you and your team!

Onsite. We come to you!

  • That’s right … no travel or parking hassles because we come onsite to you on a day that works for you and your team. We travel all over the greater part of Auckland, from Orewa down to Pukekohe delivering group sessions.

Here’s What You'll Discover in this Workshop:

Expert Guidance

Guided learning, covering only what you need to get started. Not only will attendees gain an excellent introductory understanding of Microsoft OneNote, they will also learn how to avoid those scary 'gotcha' moments so that they are fully supported after the training!  And if they need assistance after the learning, all they need to do is email and we'll be right there to help.

Content that works!

The questions, feedback and suggestions from the many, many people who have completed this short-course have helped hone this learning so that it really works. We know just what learners need to know to have them working confidently in Microsoft OneNote. No waffle and no 'technical-speak'. No wasting your time!

Support resources

Learners are fully supported during and after the workshop with a comprehensive Quick Reference Guide. A 'cheat-sheet' that covers the key things they need to know to get started. We use these to reference topics during the session, and they are super popular as a reference to support learners after the training.

Certificate of Attendance

Need proof of your Continuing Professional Development (CPD)? On completion of the workshop, by request, we will send learners a “Certificate of Attendance” confirming their participation and the duration of the training session.

Here’s what people are saying about the course

Janelle Kilgour

HR Comms Co-ordinator

"Very Enjoyable!"

Wonderful, fun, interactive, real-life facilitator - made the session very enjoyable!

Andre Nair

HSEQ Manager

"Absolutely amazing"

An absolutely amazing trainer! Really encouraging and able to relate to learners. Good hands-on examples.

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Content that works...

The questions, feedback and suggestions from the many people who have completed this workshop have helped hone this learning so that it really works 


Module 1: Introduction to OneNote

How to navigate notebooks, sections and pages. Understanding the different apps and when to use online or mobile vs desktop.


Module 2: Working with Sections and Pages

Create new sections and pages. Make sub-pages to manage lots of information. Password protect. Move or copy.


Module 3: Taking Quality Notes

Convert handwritten notes to text. Insert tables, images, drawings, lists, files and links. Record audio and video. Use Tags to categorise your notes. Save your page as a reusable template.


Module 4: Search and Find

Make text in images searchable. Find your notes and tags.


Module 5: Collaborate and Share

Email pages and learn how to copy links to pages and sections. Share notebooks. See the history of notes made by others and view recent edits.


Module 6: Integration with Microsoft Office

Send email messages to OneNote. Add meeting details from Outlook Calendar. Assign Tasks.


Module 7: Integration with Microsoft Office

Manage meeting agenda and minutes. Collate research notes. Record and track KPI progress to manage resources and staff. Strategic planning notes.

Download a copy of the Course Content sheet

About our trainer


Susan is a dedicated and energetic IT professional with over 25 years of experience in training and development. She has the knack of relating to users, easily translating techie-speak and complex system processes into real-life terms to ensure learners ‘get it’.  Susan is a certified Microsoft® Office Specialist. 

Susan Carlow

Frequently asked Questions...

Q: What is the duration of the short course?

A: 2 hours

Q: Is this training suitable for the Mac version of Office 365

No, sorry. Even though you would most likely learn a lot that would be applicable to the Mac version, the training has been created for the Windows version for PC only.

Q: Is this suitable for an absolute beginner?

A: this workshop is PERFECT for an absolute beginner.

Q: What do I need to know before I attend?

As this is a beginner level course the only prerequisite is that you are proficient in using the Microsoft® Windows environment, a mouse and keyboard.

Q: Can you come onsite to deliver the training?

Absolutely! We can bring the training to you. That’s right! We come onsite to your place of work on a day and time that works for you. Avoid traffic and parking hassles and learn at work.

Q: Can you supply training laptops for us to use?​​​​

We do have training laptops available. All have Microsoft Office 365 licenses. However, as OneNote is an app that (when set up well) reflects perfectly how your organisation works, we would recommend learning using your own computers and Office 365 logins.

Q: Do you have a limit to the number of attendees?

Yes. We have a minimum of 4, maximum of 8 (please see minimum booking requirements below).

Q: Do you offer 1-on-1 sessions?

Yes we do. Please see our page on Online Coaching.

Q: What age is this appropriate for?

The training is aimed at adults so the minimum age we recommend is 18 years old. We look forward to hearing from you again when you are over 18.

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*OneNote Sessions are 2 hours in duration. Prices are per session. Please note that our minimum onsite booking requirement for 1 session is no less than 4 people. 

All bookings are subject to our Booking Terms and Conditions. Pricing is based on the number of attendees per session. Minimum of 4 attendees, maximum of 8.

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