Microsoft® Excel Stage 2 Training Course

Fast track your Microsoft® Excel skills to the NEXT LEVEL

Duration: 3.5 hours

Excel Orgnise and Analyse Data - Stage 2

About this course

This lively half-day course is the second-step in becoming proficient in Excel. It focuses on teaching the smart ways to quickly update and analyse Excel data.

Follow along with the trainer as you become proficient at creating effective worksheets. If you use Excel often but find you seem to be spending way too much time getting the results you require, this is the course for you.

Is this course suitable for you or your team?

This course is suitable for anyone who is already knowledgeable in the topics covered in our “Excel Essential Skills” course and is the next step to becoming a proficient user of Excel. This course is definitely for you if you want to:

  • master analysing data the smart way, using the best features Excel offers for the job in-hand
  • be confident in the skills needed to understand functions created by others, and create and update your own
  • have a fabulous ‘toolbox’ of tips, hints and hacks that kick your output up a couple of notches
  • say "goodbye" to that feeling you’re doing things the long, hard way

Learning outcomes

This hands-on course takes you through the features of Excel designed to help you work smarter and save time. The topics covered set you up perfectly for the next level course Excel Combine, Analyse and Report - Stage 3.

Course pre-requisites

This course is designed for people who already have the essential skills needed to create, format, edit, save and print an Excel workbook. This includes the ability to create basic formulas and use the SUM function.

What you will learn...

Working with large tables of data

Working with large tables of data can be overwhelming. Learn the data tools, (along with some tricks and tips) that will help you become super efficient at organising and anlaysing your data!


Working with large tables of data

Tips on selecting and moving around data tables

Freezing row and column panes

Making the data fit for purpose

Sorting data basics

Creating multi-level sorts

Automatically insert subtotals into sorted data

Removing Subtotals

Filtering data basics

Filter on blanks or errors

Filter tips and hacks

Filtering using set criteria

Filtering troubleshooting

Fixing formulas that don't calculate as expected

Dealing with formulas that don't calculate as expected can be challenging (and a bit scary!). Learn how to avoid 'rubbish' calculations and how to fix formulas so that they copy perfectly.


What to do when formulas don’t calculate as expected

Understanding calculations

Why brackets are important

Copying calculations

Why do formulas copy incorrectly?

Creating calculations using absolute references

Time saving functions

When you learn how to read and create Excel functions you add a new set of power tools to your toolbox! Not only will you save time analysing and updating your data, your confidence will go up a couple of notches!


Understanding functions

Inserting a function

Editing and copying a function

IF function

IFERROR function

ISERROR function

SUMIF function

COUNTIF function

TODAY and NOW functions

Using multiple worksheets

Making updates in several different worksheets or workbooks is time consuming and can lead to errors. Learn tips and tricks to easily update and link data and learn how to avoid 'gotcha' moments when working with linked data.


Tips for working with multiple worksheets

Shortcuts for navigating multiple worksheets

Selecting multiple sheets

Ungrouping sheets

Working with grouped worksheets

Moving and copying worksheets

Linking data between worksheets and workbooks

Linking a range of cells

Finding and identifying linked cells

Open, modify, or break links to a source workbook

Sharing workbooks containing links 

Replace link formulas with values

What you will get...

A copy of our super popular step-by-step workbook along with file downloads for every exercise we cover together. Perfect to follow along with during the training, and to refer to after the training. 

Capped class size to ensure you have the hands-on time required and your questions answered.

Need proof of your Continuing Professional Development (CPD)? On completion of the workshop, by request, we will send you a “Certificate of Attendance” confirming your participation and the duration of the training session.

For online sessions

We use the latest version of Zoom or Microsoft Teams to deliver this course live online. If you would like to follow along with your trainer please ensure you have the desktop version of Microsoft Excel available. Having a webcam and headphones available ensures you can enjoy interacting with your trainer and fellow participants. Please ensure your browser software is up to date too. For the best experience we would recommend using Microsoft Chromium Edge or Google Chrome as your browser.

Details on how to connect to the session, along with your workbook and exercise files will be emailed to you prior to your session. Having a printed copy of the workbook handy during your learning will be extremely beneficial to your learning.

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Excel Stage 2 course
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This course is available as a LIVE Online session, or as a Self-guided Online course

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This training is for the Windows Desktop version of Excel and may not be suitable for Mac users

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Sharyn is an expert trainer.  She became the first certified Microsoft® MOUS Authorised Instructor in New Zealand... [read more]

"Excellent tutor"

Well explained. I understood every step. Awesome work. Thank you!!

Manea Collins

Accounts Specialist

"The course has been absolutely brilliant!"
Sharyn’s teaching style is amazing as she teaches in a way that ensures the information is understood and the new skills are practiced straight away. 

Katie Li

HR Manager

"Easy and in layman’s terms"
Sharyn is an awesome presenter.

Blair Elliot

General Manager, Sales & Marketing