Tip for navigating quickly around multiple SharePoint sites and lists

Posted: September 6, 2018

This tip is useful for users of Internet Explorer or Edge. When you’re working in SharePoint (particularly as the Administrator or Developer) you often need to move between several sites and lists, which can be frustrating having to back your way out of a page to only a few minutes later realising that you need to open that same thing again.

For example, if I’m adding a link to a document in a Promoted Links app, I need to open the document library it’s stored in, open the image library to find a relevant image to display and I need to open the Promoted Links app itself. This can mean a lot of to-ing and fro-ing around SharePoint, usually using the Back button or clicking around the navigation on each of the relevant sites.

An easier way to get around is to right mouse click on the IE tab and select Duplicate.

Right mouse click over tab to open menu to select Duplicate

This opens a duplicate tab of the site you’re working in, allowing you to navigate to the relevant list or site you need, but keeping the original page you were working on open and available to speedily click back to.

So, in my scenario of adding a link to a Promoted Links app, I’ll duplicate the tab several times, so I can have an IE tab open for the image library, the document library and the actual Promoted Links app that I need to update. Then I can easily click between the tabs to copy and paste the links I need, without the arduous task of going back and forward navigating around SharePoint to find the things I need.

Promoted Links app used to help users navigate key content in SharePoint
Example of Promoted Links providing clean tile navigation for SharePoint Home site

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