Print all or part of an Excel worksheet

Posted: June 15, 2018


Learn how to preview your work before printing and how to print all or part of an Excel worksheet.

Previewing your work before printing

The Print tab consolidates all print options in one place.

From here you can preview your work before you print and then select how you want the file printed.

To preview your work before printing click the File tab, and then select the Print tab.

On the right of the Print tab you will find a preview of your work. Preview does not operate on blank worksheets; therefore the worksheet must contain some data to be previewed.

Note: to view your worksheet using Print Preview a printer driver must be installed on your computer.

Preview displays a representation of the active worksheet. To magnify the preview click the Zoom button.

To view the margins on the Preview screen, click the Show Margins button. Click and drag the margin and column indicators to adjust their settings.

To preview additional pages click the page navigator.

To create custom settings click Page Setup.

Excel Print Setup 1


To print a single worksheet, entire workbook or selected area.

1. From the File tab, select the Print tab.

2. In the Settings options select the required option.

Excel Print

Print Active SheetsIn the Pages area type or select the page numbers in the From and To boxes or leave these empty to print all pages in the active worksheet.
Print Entire workbookThis will print every worksheet that contains data in the workbook. Unused worksheets will not be printed.
Print SelectionExcel will print only selected cells. If you should choose two non-adjacent ranges of cells to print, they will print on separate pages.


Setting a Print Area

Use Print Area to define a selected area of the worksheet as the printable area. This means only this area will print each time you print the worksheet.

1. Select the range of cells for the print area and then on the Page Layout tab click Print Area.

2. Select Set Print Area.

Excel Print

3. A dashed line will highlight the ‘Print Area range’. When you print only the print area will print.


Removing the print area restriction

On the Page Layout tab click Print Area and then select Clear Print Area. With the print area removed, you will be able to print more than just the set print area.

Time saving tip: add the Print Preview and Print button to your ‘Quick Access toolbar’ to have ‘one-click’ access to the ‘Print Preview and Print’ screen. Additionally, when you add the Quick Print button you can send your worksheet straight to the printer without having to go to the Print Preview and Print screen.

Excel Print

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