Create and send an Outlook message using keyboard shortcuts

Posted: March 26, 2014

PROBLEM: Wanting to improve the speed in which you create and send emails

SOLUTION: Use shortcuts!

Create and send an Outlook message using keyboard shortcuts

Follow the steps below to send a message.  Once you get good at them you’ll be whizzing emails out with rocket speed.

  1. To create a new message press CTRL + N.

2. Address the email and add a subject.  Press TAB to move between the To, CC and Subject boxes.

3. Press TAB to move into the message body.  Type the message.

4. Press CTRL + ENTER to send the message.  At this point you may see a dialog box asking if you want to use CTRL+ENTER as a keyboard shortcut for sending a message.  Press ENTER once more.

Tip: You can substitute step 4 with ALT + S and the email will be sent immediately.

Note: If you open a message form and then decide you want to close it without sending press ALT + F4.  If the message contains any content, Outlook will ask if you want to save the changes.  Press ALT + N to select ‘No’.

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