Draw perfect shapes – square, circle, triangle etc

Posted: March 26, 2014

PROBLEM: Drawing the perfect square, circle or triangle can be very difficult and time consuming, especially if you have shaky hands!

SOLUTION: Follow these steps to learn how to create a perfect shape in seconds.

Word, Excel, PowerPoint & Outlook  – Inserting perfect shapes

Inserting shapes into a document is easy. However, constraining a shape to look like a perfect square, circle or triangle can be a little more difficult. To use a Shape:

1. Click the Insert tab and then click Shapes.

2. Select a suitable Shape from the gallery.

3. Click and drag to draw the Shape.

  • To constrain line shapes to 15 degree angels hold down SHIFT as you click and drag.
  • To draw  perfect closed-in shapes hold down SHIFT as you click and drag, e.g. to create a perfect square select the Rectangle tool and then press SHIFT as you click and drag to draw the shape.

Note: pressing CTRL while drawing a shape resizes the Shape from the centre.

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