Microsoft Outlook – create an email signature

Posted: January 31, 2014

To save repeatedly entering your name and contact details at the foot of a Microsoft Outlook message, create an email signature.

Once you have created a signature it can be inserted into new messages automatically or you can choose to insert it manually.

Create an email signature in Outlook

  1. To add an email signature do one of the following:
    • from the File tab select Options and then select the Mail tab. Click Signatures.
    • from within a new message form on the Home tab click Signatures.

2. Click the New button. The New Signature dialog box will be displayed.

3. Type a title for your signature and then click OK.

4. In the Edit signature box, type and format the signature. The signature will be displayed in the Select Signature to edit dialog box.

5. If you want the signature to appear in all new messages, click the drop-down arrow on the New messages box and select the signature name. If you would prefer to enter the signature manually into new messages leave this option as None. Repeat the same process for Replies/forwards if you would like the signature appended to all replies or forwarded messages you create.

6. Click OK to save the signature and OK again. When you next create a new mail message or (if you have selected the option), reply or forward a message your signature automatically be inserted into the message.

Note: you can save multiple signatures. If you swap signatures often you might like to leave the default signature options as (none) and insert a signature manually.

To insert a signature manually

You can insert a signature manually if you prefer.

  1. In the message form place your insertion point at the end of the message text.
  2. From the Message tab from the Include group select Signature.
  3. Select the appropriate signature name from the list displayed. The signature will be inserted at the insertion point.

Note: you can only drop one email signature into a message. If you are wanting to record blocks of text to easily drop into a message check out my blogs on creating and using Quick Parts in Outlook messages.

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