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Word – Quick Parts and Building Blocks: How can I modify a Quick Part?


Saving document parts as Quick Parts not only saves time it promotes consistency through-out your documents. A standard paragraph of text can be recorded and quickly dropped into a document at any time.

When you create a Quick Part it is, by default, saved into the Quick Parts gallery within the Building Blocks.dotx template. This template is loaded each time you start Word, no matter what template is applied to the active document.

The Building Blocks template comes with a selection of “built-in” galleries. For example, the new pre-formatted Cover Page, Text Box, Watermark and Page Numbering options are all galleries housed in the Building Blocks template.

To view the content of the Building Blocks template click the Insert tab and then click Quick Parts. Select Building Blocks Organizer. You can easily sort the Building Blocks by clicking the header bar at the top of the list. In the example below clicking the Gallery heading will sort the list by Gallery, alphabetically (A-Z). To preview a Building Block simply select it in the Building Blocks list and a preview will be displayed on the right of the dialog box.

The Quick Part I created in my previous Blog has been saved into the “Quick Parts” gallery. From here I can select the Quick Part in the list and then click Edit Properties to make changes to the original options I selected when I initially saved the Quick Part.  I can also click Delete to remove the Quick Part from the Building Blocks template or click Insert to insert the Quick Part into my document.


Please note. If you want to make changes to the content of a Quick Part simply re-type and format the block of text as you want it to look, select it and then save the selection as a Quick Part. Give the modified Quick Part the same name as the original. Word will display the following message:

Click Yes and the new block of text will replace the old.

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