Outlook – Creating and using Quick Parts in Outlook messages

Posted: November 2, 2013

My last two Blogs introduced Quick Parts, what they are and how to create and modify them.

In this Blog I want to show you how you can use Quick Parts to quickly drop standard blocks of text into an Outlook message.

No need for an email template…

  1. First start a new Outlook message.
  2. Type and format the text exactly as you would like it to look when you drop it in and then select the block of text. Here you can see I have typed a standard paragraph that will be used to confirm appointments.
  3. Then on the Insert tab click Quick Parts > Save Selection to Quick Part Gallery.
  4. Outlook will automatically give the Quick Part a name. I’ll name this Quick Part “Appt”, short for appointment. You’ll notice that the Quick Part will be saved into the Quick Parts gallery in the NormalEmail.dotm template. This means the Quick Part will be available for use in all email messages based on the Normal Email template.
  5. I’ll leave all of the other default options as they are and then click OK.
  6. Now I’ll place the insertion point within a new email message at the point that I want to drop in my block of text and then type the name of the Quick Part.
  7. Notice I’ve typed the Quick Part name in lowercase. Like Word, Outlook Quick Parts aren’t case sensitive.
  8. I’ll now press F3 and the quick part is inserted into my message.

Of course if you prefer to drop the Quick Part in from the Quick Parts menu you can do this as well. Just click the Insert tab, click Quick Parts and then click the Quick Part you require.

And there you have it! I cover Quick Parts and many more fabulous time saving tips in my ‘Outlook – Managing your mailbox‘ online course.

This Blog is part 3 of a series of 3 covering Quick Parts

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